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جـٰـّٰـوهہرةً آلتـً๋ـصـٰ◌ـّٰــمـيـم

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جـٰـّٰـوهہرةً آلتـً๋ـصـٰ◌ـّٰــمـيـم
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جـٰـّٰـوهہرةً آلتـً๋ـصـٰ◌ـّٰــمـيـم❥͢˓࿓ ↡ ‏࿐
- ࢦـســت ســاطـعــۂ ڪ ﭑࢦنــجــوﻣ ،
ࢦـڪـنـې ﻣﻟـفــتــۂ ڪ ﭑࢦقـمــر ..🥀✨❈'

قناة تصاميم اصمم وانشر بيه تصاميمي

• تـٰصـَاﺎمِـٰيم ،🧡📎'. صور

• تـٰصـَاﺎمِـٰيم ،🧡📎'. فيدوهات


اي شي تحتاجو راسلوني ؏ البوت


جـٰـّٰـوهہرةً آلتـً๋ـصـٰ◌ـّٰــمـيـم

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جـٰـّٰـوهہرةً آلتـً๋ـصـٰ◌ـّٰــمـيـم Telegram | DID YOU KNOW?

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The S&P 500 slumped 1.8% on Monday and Tuesday, thanks to China Evergrande, the Chinese property company that looks like it is ready to default on its more-than $300 billion in debt. Cries of the next Lehman Brothers—or maybe the next Silverado?—echoed through the canyons of Wall Street as investors prepared for the worst.

جـٰـّٰـوهہرةً آلتـً๋ـصـٰ◌ـّٰــمـيـم from CA

Canada CA telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram جـٰـّٰـوهہرةً آلتـً๋ـصـٰ◌ـّٰــمـيـم

Created: 2019-11-11

From: Canada and USA

Telegram جـٰـّٰـوهہرةً آلتـً๋ـصـٰ◌ـّٰــمـيـم, 6161 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel Canada, CA

Telegram جـٰـّٰـوهہرةً آلتـً๋ـصـٰ◌ـّٰــمـيـم, 6161 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, USA, US

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