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عـۘ❈ـۘآلـۘ❈ـۘم آلـۘ❈ـۘڪـۘ❈ـۘبـۘ❈ـۘريـۘ❈ـۘآء 😪✋💔

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عـۘ❈ـۘآلـۘ❈ـۘم آلـۘ❈ـۘڪـۘ❈ـۘبـۘ❈ـۘريـۘ❈ـۘآء 😪✋💔
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عـۘ❈ـۘآلـۘ❈ـۘم آلـۘ❈ـۘڪـۘ❈ـۘبـۘ❈ـۘريـۘ❈ـۘآء 😪✋💔أنـا لست مبدع بفن ألغرور وألـۛৣـكبريـۛৣـاء

ولكن ثق تماماً أذا حاولت تنظر لي بنظرة كـۛৣـبـۛৣـر

ستجد أمامك كبريائي وصل الى حد ألـۛৣـسمـۛৣـاء .

مدير القناه. @kdk611

عـۘ❈ـۘآلـۘ❈ـۘم آلـۘ❈ـۘڪـۘ❈ـۘبـۘ❈ـۘريـۘ❈ـۘآء 😪✋💔

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عـۘـۘآلـۘـۘم آلـۘـۘڪـۘـۘبـۘـۘريـۘـۘآء Telegram | DID YOU KNOW?

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What is Telegram Possible Future Strategies?

Cryptoassets enthusiasts use this application for their trade activities, and they may make donations for this cause.If somehow Telegram do run out of money to sustain themselves they will probably introduce some features that will not hinder the rudimentary principle of Telegram but provide users with enhanced and enriched experience. This could be similar to features where characters can be customized in a game which directly do not affect the in-game strategies but add to the experience.

عـۘـۘآلـۘـۘم آلـۘـۘڪـۘـۘبـۘـۘريـۘـۘآء from CA

Canada CA telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram عـۘ❈ـۘآلـۘ❈ـۘم آلـۘ❈ـۘڪـۘ❈ـۘبـۘ❈ـۘريـۘ❈ـۘآء 😪✋💔

Created: 2019-11-12

From: Canada and USA

Telegram عـۘ❈ـۘآلـۘ❈ـۘم آلـۘ❈ـۘڪـۘ❈ـۘبـۘ❈ـۘريـۘ❈ـۘآء 😪✋💔, 7514 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel Canada, CA

Telegram عـۘ❈ـۘآلـۘ❈ـۘم آلـۘ❈ـۘڪـۘ❈ـۘبـۘ❈ـۘريـۘ❈ـۘآء 😪✋💔, 7514 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, USA, US

TG عـۘ❈ـۘآلـۘ❈ـۘم آلـۘ❈ـۘڪـۘ❈ـۘبـۘ❈ـۘريـۘ❈ـۘآء 😪✋💔

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