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🌺َ __كہأنٍنٍې لمَّ أسمعْ --،---🌺
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🌺َ __كہأنٍنٍې لمَّ أسمعْ --،---🌺امض كأنك لم تسمع ..اصمت كأنك لم تفهم..تجاهل كانك لم ترى..وانس كانك لم تذكر .فبذلك ستنال الراحة والهدوء 🎵💕🌺

🌺َ __كہأنٍنٍې لمَّ أسمعْ --،---🌺

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َ-__كہأنٍنٍې-لمَّ-أسمعْ--،-- Telegram | DID YOU KNOW?

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The STAR Market, as is implied by the name, is heavily geared toward smaller innovative tech companies, in particular those engaged in strategically important fields, such as biopharmaceuticals, 5G technology, semiconductors, and new energy. The STAR Market currently has 340 listed securities. The STAR Market is seen as important for China’s high-tech and emerging industries, providing a space for smaller companies to raise capital in China. This is especially significant for technology companies that may be viewed with suspicion on overseas stock exchanges.

َ-__كہأنٍنٍې-لمَّ-أسمعْ--،-- from CA

Canada CA telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram 🌺َ __كہأنٍنٍې لمَّ أسمعْ --،---🌺

Created: 2019-11-15

From: Canada and America/USA

Telegram 🌺َ __كہأنٍنٍې لمَّ أسمعْ --،---🌺, 11628 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel Canada, CA

Telegram 🌺َ __كہأنٍنٍې لمَّ أسمعْ --،---🌺, 11628 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, America/USA, US

TG كہأنٍنٍي لمَّ أسمعْ --،---😌

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