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Telegram announces Search Filters

With the help of the Search Filters option, users can now filter search results by type. They can do that by using the new tabs: Media, Links, Files and others. Searches can be done based on the particular time period like by typing in the date or even “Yesterday”. If users type in the name of a person, group, channel or bot, an extra filter will be applied to the searches.

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Created: 2019-12-13

From: 电报群组 and USA

Telegram 🇸🇩⚽️ṨꝕỏℜᎿ⚽️🇸🇩, 30990 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel 电报群组, CN

Telegram 🇸🇩⚽️ṨꝕỏℜᎿ⚽️🇸🇩, 30990 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, USA, US

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