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آلُِآمآن حٍضنڪ ♥️🎼 .

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آلُِآمآن حٍضنڪ ♥️🎼 .
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آلُِآمآن حٍضنڪ ♥️🎼 .• ﻟـ فتى في الـ18 من عمرهہ ،💆🏻‍♂🖤:)*.

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آلُِآمآن حٍضنڪ ♥️🎼 .

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آلُِآمآن حٍضنڪ ️- Telegram | DID YOU KNOW?

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Dump Scam in Leaked Telegram Chat

A leaked Telegram discussion by 50 so-called crypto influencers has exposed the extraordinary steps they take in order to profit on the back off unsuspecting defi investors. According to a leaked screenshot of the chat, an elaborate plan to defraud defi investors using the worthless “$Few” tokens had been hatched. $Few tokens would be airdropped to some of the influencers who in turn promoted these to unsuspecting followers on Twitter.

The S&P 500 slumped 1.8% on Monday and Tuesday, thanks to China Evergrande, the Chinese property company that looks like it is ready to default on its more-than $300 billion in debt. Cries of the next Lehman Brothers—or maybe the next Silverado?—echoed through the canyons of Wall Street as investors prepared for the worst.

آلُِآمآن حٍضنڪ ️- from DZ

La France FR telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram آلُِآمآن حٍضنڪ ♥️🎼 .

Created: 2020-03-09

From: La France and USA

Telegram آلُِآمآن حٍضنڪ ♥️🎼 ., 83824 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel La France, FR

Telegram آلُِآمآن حٍضنڪ ♥️🎼 ., 83824 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, USA, US

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