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❨❨وꪇﺟـٰٖٜ۬ـٰٰٖٖٜ۬ـٰٰٰٖٖٖٜ۬ـٰٰٖٖٖٖٜ°⁽💔₎۫°ـٰٰٰٖٖٖٜ۬ـٰٖٖٜﻊ❩❩ 🔇

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❨❨وꪇﺟـٰٖٜ۬ـٰٰٖٖٜ۬ـٰٰٰٖٖٖٜ۬ـٰٰٖٖٖٖٜ°⁽💔₎۫°ـٰٰٰٖٖٖٜ۬ـٰٖٖٜﻊ❩❩ 🔇
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❨❨وꪇﺟـٰٖٜ۬ـٰٰٖٖٜ۬ـٰٰٰٖٖٖٜ۬ـٰٰٖٖٖٖٜ°⁽💔₎۫°ـٰٰٰٖٖٖٜ۬ـٰٖٖٜﻊ❩❩ 🔇لـّم أكـنّ أتـّوقـَع يـّومـآ بِـأن أكـّون
مِـن أولـّئـگ الـمّـبـشَريٓن بـَالـوجـّع..!.

انت غريب وانا غريب كلانا غرباء
تعال سنجمع كل ما هو مؤلم
سنجمع ونتخلص من كل الجروح
فكلانا غربا..!

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❨❨وꪇﺟـٰٖٜ۬ـٰٰٖٖٜ۬ـٰٰٰٖٖٖٜ۬ـٰٰٖٖٖٖٜ°⁽💔₎۫°ـٰٰٰٖٖٖٜ۬ـٰٖٖٜﻊ❩❩ 🔇

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وꪇﺟـٰٖٜ۬ـٰٰٖٖٜ۬ـٰٰٰٖٖٖٜ۬ـٰٰٖٖٖٖٜ°⁽₎۫°ـٰٰٰٖٖٖٜ۬ـٰٖٖٜﻊ Telegram | DID YOU KNOW?

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Launched in 2013, Telegram allows users to broadcast messages to a following via “channels”, or create public and private groups that are simple for others to access. Users can also send and receive large data files, including text and zip files, directly via the app.The platform said it has more than 500m active users, and topped 1bn downloads in August, according to data from SensorTower.وꪇﺟـٰٖٜ۬ـٰٰٖٖٜ۬ـٰٰٰٖٖٖٜ۬ـٰٰٖٖٖٖٜ°⁽₎۫°ـٰٰٰٖٖٖٜ۬ـٰٖٖٜﻊ from EG

مصر EG telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram ❨❨وꪇﺟـٰٖٜ۬ـٰٰٖٖٜ۬ـٰٰٰٖٖٖٜ۬ـٰٰٖٖٖٖٜ°⁽💔₎۫°ـٰٰٰٖٖٖٜ۬ـٰٖٖٜﻊ❩❩ 🔇

Created: 2020-02-18

From: مصر and Deutschland

Telegram ❨❨وꪇﺟـٰٖٜ۬ـٰٰٖٖٜ۬ـٰٰٰٖٖٖٜ۬ـٰٰٖٖٖٖٜ°⁽💔₎۫°ـٰٰٰٖٖٖٜ۬ـٰٖٖٜﻊ❩❩ 🔇, 62939 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel مصر , EG

Telegram ❨❨وꪇﺟـٰٖٜ۬ـٰٰٖٖٜ۬ـٰٰٰٖٖٖٜ۬ـٰٰٖٖٖٖٜ°⁽💔₎۫°ـٰٰٰٖٖٖٜ۬ـٰٖٖٜﻊ❩❩ 🔇, 62939 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, Deutschland, DE

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