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Free Hands-on Demo Session organized by Management Career Institute

Topic: Application of AI in price prediction.

-Basic of data handling part.
-Introducing to forecasting models.
-Introducing Deep learning based forecast.
-Explaining detailed architecture of the DL model.
-Implementing live on real time dataset.

Duration - 2 hours
Date - Thursday | 29th July
Time - 6.30 PM IST (Evening Slot)
Live Hands-on Session

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Who will be Instructor?
Instructor is Lead of Automation (Data Science & Artificial Intelligence) at Wipro. He has solved 60+ Research use cases, published 45+ Patents (received 23 grants) across various countries. He is also a Member of Advisory council at India ka AI.
Hey if you are interested in learning data science, machine learning, deep learning or Big data. You will also get to know how to do career transition to data science field.

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Top Universities Offering Free Online Programming Courses

Here’s the list of the top universities offering free online programming courses:

Harvard University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
IIT Bombay
University of Illinois
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
University of Michigan
IIT Kanpur

Forwarded from Artificial Intelligence && Deep Learning (MUHAMMAD YAHYO)
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From Google and Waymo researchers: The self-/unsupervised revolution is near! Unsupervised optical flow model SMURF improves SOTA by 40% and beats many supervised methods such as PWC-Net and FlowNet2

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Now removing, duplicating or enhancing objects in video is more realistic with the assist of AI

Unseen Object Amodal Instance Segmentation (UOAIS)
2021/10/18 13:43:06
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