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本頻道還需要更多對當區有認識的人擔任管理員,有意擔任管理員者,請通知管理員@imdaboz @hk_Ironman @darkmui,未有建立的區域請找你朋友建立,已建立的區域可以加進來一起運作。



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紅土黃何九黃絲經濟圈 Telegram | DID YOU KNOW?

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How Does Bitcoin Work?

Bitcoin is built on a distributed digital record called a blockchain. As the name implies, blockchain is a linked body of data, made up of units called blocks that contain information about each and every transaction, including date and time, total value, buyer and seller, and a unique identifying code for each exchange. Entries are strung together in chronological order, creating a digital chain of blocks. “Once a block is added to the blockchain, it becomes accessible to anyone who wishes to view it, acting as a public ledger of cryptocurrency transactions,” says Stacey Harris, consultant for Pelicoin, a network of cryptocurrency ATMs. Blockchain is decentralized, which means it’s not controlled by any one organization. “It’s like a Google Doc that anyone can work on,” says Buchi Okoro, CEO and co-founder of African cryptocurrency exchange Quidax. “Nobody owns it, but anyone who has a link can contribute to it. And as different people update it, your copy also gets updated.”

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that you can buy, sell and exchange directly, without an intermediary like a bank. Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, originally described the need for “an electronic payment system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust.” Each and every Bitcoin transaction that’s ever been made exists on a public ledger accessible to everyone, making transactions hard to reverse and difficult to fake. That’s by design: Core to their decentralized nature, Bitcoins aren’t backed by the government or any issuing institution, and there’s nothing to guarantee their value besides the proof baked in the heart of the system. “The reason why it’s worth money is simply because we, as people, decided it has value—same as gold,” says Anton Mozgovoy, co-founder & CEO of digital financial service company Holyheld.

紅土黃何九黃絲經濟圈 from HK

香港群組 HK telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram 紅土黃何九黃絲經濟圈

Created: 2019-12-03

From: 香港群組 and 한국 그룹

Telegram 紅土黃何九黃絲經濟圈, 24076 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel 香港群組, HK

Telegram 紅土黃何九黃絲經濟圈, 24076 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, 한국 그룹, KR

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