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ـ دِمـاء تشريـن 🇮🇶
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ـ دِمـاء تشريـن 🇮🇶أنا لن أحيدْ
لأنّي بكُل احتمالٍ سَعيْد
مَماتي زَفافٌ
وَمَحْيايَ عِيدْ
سَأُرغِمُ أنفَكَ في كُلِّ حالٍ
فإمّا عَزيزٌ
وإمّا شَهيدْ!

"إحنا المَحد يحب العراق بگدنا"

سَايت لَيل

ـ دِمـاء تشريـن 🇮🇶
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ـ-دِمـاء-تشريـن-🇮🇶 Telegram Group

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Why Telegram?

Telegram has no known backdoors and, even though it is come in for criticism for using proprietary encryption methods instead of open-source ones, those have yet to be compromised. While no messaging app can guarantee a 100% impermeable defense against determined attackers, Telegram is vulnerabilities are few and either theoretical or based on spoof files fooling users into actively enabling an attack.

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ـ-دِمـاء-تشريـن-🇮🇶 from IQ

America/USA US telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram ـ دِمـاء تشريـن 🇮🇶

Created: 2020-09-20

From: America/USA and العراق Iraq

Telegram ـ دِمـاء تشريـن 🇮🇶, 323235 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel America/USA, US

Telegram ـ دِمـاء تشريـن 🇮🇶, 323235 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, العراق Iraq, IQ

TG ـ دِمـاء تشريـن

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