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لـِ ﮼اومي ֆ .̆̈‏لو تخرج لودفيغ فان بيتهوفن من قبره ويعود للحياة من جديد ليقوم بتأليف تسع سيمفونيات اخرى وخمس مقطوعات على البيانو واخرى على الكمان واثنين وثلاثين سوناتا على البيانو وستة عشر مقطوعة رباعيه وتريّة ضحكة واحدة منك كفيلة ان تطرب مسامعنا أكثر من كل هذا🖤🖤.

لـِ ﮼اومي ֆ .̆̈

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If riding a bucking bronco is your idea of fun, you’re going to love what the stock market has in store. Consider this past week’s ride a preview.The week’s action didn’t look like much, if you didn’t know better. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 213.12 points or 0.6%, while the S&P 500 advanced 0.5%, and the Nasdaq Composite ended little changed.

At a time when the Indian stock market is peaking and has rallied immensely compared to global markets, there are companies that have not performed in the last 10 years. These are definitely a minor portion of the market considering there are hundreds of stocks that have turned multibagger since 2020. What went wrong with these stocks? Reasons vary from corporate governance, sectoral weakness, company specific and so on. But the more important question is, are these stocks worth buying?

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Telegram لـِ ﮼اومي ֆ .̆̈

Created: 2019-11-19

From: العراق and Deutschland

Telegram لـِ ﮼اومي ֆ .̆̈, 14307 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel العراق, IQ

Telegram لـِ ﮼اومي ֆ .̆̈, 14307 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, Deutschland, DE

TG - تٰـہٰٖصٰـہٰٖاٰمٰـہٰٖيٰـہٰٖمٰٰٖ ֆ ﴿🙂🔥) ♚̈̈

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