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🎀 هَمساَت م̷ـــِْن نــُور 🎀

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🎀 هَمساَت م̷ـــِْن نــُور 🎀
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🎀 هَمساَت م̷ـــِْن نــُور 🎀هـنا ستجد فصول لعناق النــور ؛
يـخطـﮫا القـلـب ويـرسـمـﮫـا الأمــل ،

ڪتبت لڪل مـن يعيش على وجـہ الأرض
ولم ترا؏ سـناً مـعينـاً ..

را؏ـت فقـط ڪون الإنسـان إنسـان (🌹)

🎀 هَمساَت م̷ـــِْن نــُور 🎀

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هَمساَت م̷ـــِْن نــُور Telegram | DID YOU KNOW?

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Find Channels On Telegram?

Telegram is an aspiring new messaging app that’s taking the world by storm. The app is free, fast, and claims to be one of the safest messengers around. It allows people to connect easily, without any boundaries.You can use channels on Telegram, which are similar to Facebook pages. If you’re wondering how to find channels on Telegram, you’re in the right place. Keep reading and you’ll find out how. Also, you’ll learn more about channels, creating channels yourself, and the difference between private and public Telegram channels.

Mr. Durov launched Telegram in late 2013 with his brother, Nikolai, just months before he was pushed out of VK, the Russian social-media platform he founded. Mr. Durov pitched his new app—funded with the proceeds from the VK sale—less as a business than as a way for people to send messages while avoiding government surveillance and censorship.

هَمساَت م̷ـــِْن نــُور from NO

Norge NO telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram 🎀 هَمساَت م̷ـــِْن نــُور 🎀

Created: 2019-11-16

From: Norge and USA

Telegram 🎀 هَمساَت م̷ـــِْن نــُور 🎀, 11924 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel Norge, NO

Telegram 🎀 هَمساَت م̷ـــِْن نــُور 🎀, 11924 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, USA, US

TG 🎀 هَمساَت م̷ـــِْن نــُور 🎀

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