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ሎሬት ፀጋዬ ገብረመድህን እና ሌሎችም📓• ድርሰት ህይወት ነው ።

•|➮ የህይወት ትርጉም ያለው ማንበብ ውስጥ ነው።
•|➮ ማንበብ ውስጥ ራስን ማግኘት አለ
•|➮ ራስን ማግኘት ውስጥ ቤተሰብን ማግኘት አለ
•|➮ ቤተሰብ ውስጥ ሀገር
•|➮ ሀገር ውስጥ ፍቅርን
•|➮ ከሀገር ከቤተሰብ ከፍቅር ከፈጣሪ ከነዚህ በላይ ደሞ ምንም የለም !!


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ሎሬት ፀጋዬ ገብረመድህን እና ሌሎችም

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ሎሬት ፀጋዬ ገብረመድህን እና ሌሎችም Telegram | DID YOU KNOW?

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How Does Bitcoin Work?

Bitcoin is built on a distributed digital record called a blockchain. As the name implies, blockchain is a linked body of data, made up of units called blocks that contain information about each and every transaction, including date and time, total value, buyer and seller, and a unique identifying code for each exchange. Entries are strung together in chronological order, creating a digital chain of blocks. “Once a block is added to the blockchain, it becomes accessible to anyone who wishes to view it, acting as a public ledger of cryptocurrency transactions,” says Stacey Harris, consultant for Pelicoin, a network of cryptocurrency ATMs. Blockchain is decentralized, which means it’s not controlled by any one organization. “It’s like a Google Doc that anyone can work on,” says Buchi Okoro, CEO and co-founder of African cryptocurrency exchange Quidax. “Nobody owns it, but anyone who has a link can contribute to it. And as different people update it, your copy also gets updated.”

Can I mute a Telegram group?

In recent times, Telegram has gained a lot of popularity because of the controversy over WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. In January 2021, Telegram was the most downloaded app worldwide and crossed 500 million monthly active users. And with so many active users on the app, people might get messages in bulk from a group or a channel that can be a little irritating. So to get rid of the same, you can mute groups, chats, and channels on Telegram just like WhatsApp. You can mute notifications for one hour, eight hours, or two days, or you can disable notifications forever.

ሎሬት ፀጋዬ ገብረመድህን እና ሌሎችም from RU

Россия RU telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram ሎሬት ፀጋዬ ገብረመድህን እና ሌሎችም

Created: 2020-06-13

From: Россия and USA

Telegram ሎሬት ፀጋዬ ገብረመድህን እና ሌሎችም, 201998 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel Россия, RU

Telegram ሎሬት ፀጋዬ ገብረመድህን እና ሌሎችም, 201998 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, USA, US

TG ሎሬት ፀጋዬ ገብረመድህን እና ሌሎችም

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