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الطَريقْ إلىَ الجَنة🌱 .

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الطَريقْ إلىَ الجَنة🌱 .
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الطَريقْ إلىَ الجَنة🌱 .• ﺈللهُم ﺎَلجنهہ إن ذهبت ﺎَلروُح إليك ،🤲🏻🖤"

• قناه مختصه بنشر اقتباسات ﺂسلاميهۃ ،📿🖤"

• ورمزيات وفيديوهات ﺂسلاميهۃ ،🐚🖤"

• قبل المغادرهہّ قـݪ الحمّدللهـٰہَ ،🕊🖤."

• لـ التواصل ، @jjifj ♡'

الطَريقْ إلىَ الجَنة🌱 .

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الطَريقْ إلىَ الجَنة- Telegram | DID YOU KNOW?

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The S&P 500 slumped 1.8% on Monday and Tuesday, thanks to China Evergrande, the Chinese property company that looks like it is ready to default on its more-than $300 billion in debt. Cries of the next Lehman Brothers—or maybe the next Silverado?—echoed through the canyons of Wall Street as investors prepared for the worst.

Export WhatsApp stickers to Telegram on iPhone

You can’t. What you can do, though, is use WhatsApp’s and Telegram’s web platforms to transfer stickers. It’s easy, but might take a while.Open WhatsApp in your browser, find a sticker you like in a chat, and right-click on it to save it as an image. The file won’t be a picture, though—it’s a webpage and will have a .webp extension. Don’t be scared, this is the way. Repeat this step to save as many stickers as you want.Then, open Telegram in your browser and go into your Saved messages chat. Just as you’d share a file with a friend, click the Share file button on the bottom left of the chat window (it looks like a dog-eared paper), and select the .webp files you downloaded. Click Open and you’ll see your stickers in your Saved messages chat. This is now your sticker depository. To use them, forward them as you would a message from one chat to the other: by clicking or long-pressing on the sticker, and then choosing Forward.

الطَريقْ إلىَ الجَنة- from SA

USA US telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram الطَريقْ إلىَ الجَنة🌱 .

Created: 2020-06-12

From: USA and South Africa

Telegram الطَريقْ إلىَ الجَنة🌱 ., 201140 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel USA, US

Telegram الطَريقْ إلىَ الجَنة🌱 ., 201140 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, South Africa, SA

TG - بدون حقوقق ௸ ♪ .

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