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لَّطَّيٌّـ🌸🐣ـفّْة ْᒍᝪᏦᗴ

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لَّطَّيٌّـ🌸🐣ـفّْة ْᒍᝪᏦᗴ
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لَّطَّيٌّـ🌸🐣ـفّْة ْᒍᝪᏦᗴأنا مو عـطول لطيفة وظريفة عفكرة . .🌝🌸

أنا ممكن ورجيـك وجه تاني عندي يفاجئنا أنا وياك . .🌝🌸

البـدايـة 7/15/2020 يـوليو . . 🌝🌸

عـالمـي لــطـيـف . . 🌸🌝

لَّطَّيٌّـ🌸🐣ـفّْة ْᒍᝪᏦᗴ

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لَّطَّيٌّــفّْة ْᒍᝪᏦᗴ Telegram | DID YOU KNOW?

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At a time when the Indian stock market is peaking and has rallied immensely compared to global markets, there are companies that have not performed in the last 10 years. These are definitely a minor portion of the market considering there are hundreds of stocks that have turned multibagger since 2020. What went wrong with these stocks? Reasons vary from corporate governance, sectoral weakness, company specific and so on. But the more important question is, are these stocks worth buying?

Telegram announces Anonymous Admins

The cloud-based messaging platform is also adding Anonymous Group Admins feature. As per Telegram, this feature is being introduced for safer protests. As per the Telegram blog post, users can “Toggle Remain Anonymous in Admin rights to enable Batman mode. The anonymized admin will be hidden in the list of group members, and their messages in the chat will be signed with the group name, similar to channel posts.”

لَّطَّيٌّــفّْة ْᒍᝪᏦᗴ from SA

South Africa SA telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram لَّطَّيٌّـ🌸🐣ـفّْة ْᒍᝪᏦᗴ

Created: 2020-10-07

From: South Africa and USA

Telegram لَّطَّيٌّـ🌸🐣ـفّْة ْᒍᝪᏦᗴ, 348996 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel South Africa, SA

Telegram لَّطَّيٌّـ🌸🐣ـفّْة ْᒍᝪᏦᗴ, 348996 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, USA, US

TG ᒍᝪᏦᗴ لَّطَّيٌّـ🌸🐣ـفّْةْ

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