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ڪـــِّب̲ꪰـريـِٰཻ̲ائي ذٖو̲୭قٰٰྀ̲ـِٰ̲ﮧْ⁞✦⁽☻🔥₎“ٰۦ

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ڪـــِّب̲ꪰـريـِٰཻ̲ائي ذٖو̲୭قٰٰྀ̲ـِٰ̲ﮧْ⁞✦⁽☻🔥₎“ٰۦ
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ڪـــِّب̲ꪰـريـِٰཻ̲ائي ذٖو̲୭قٰٰྀ̲ـِٰ̲ﮧْ⁞✦⁽☻🔥₎“ٰۦقـصـتي حـقـيـقـيـۿة #ۈڪـلـمـاتي ڪـلـۿـا ۈاقـعيـۿة ،✾↓'

أنـَا لا أطـلـب مـنڪم #الأعـجـابات أۈ الـتـعـلـيـقــات😏👍،✾↓'

فـقـط أسـتـمـتـعـوا بـالـقـراءة ۈبـڪم #أتـمـيـز😌✋ֆ❥'

👨‍💻لــ تـــٰ͒͢؏ــزي مُـججـِٰ̲ـننهٰ̲̐ـم @sammxl

♻️ نــخخبۃة قنواتي¦↲ @USA_KO

ڪـــِّب̲ꪰـريـِٰཻ̲ائي ذٖو̲୭قٰٰྀ̲ـِٰ̲ﮧْ⁞✦⁽☻🔥₎“ٰۦ

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ڪـــِّب̲ꪰـريـِٰཻ̲ائي ذٖو̲୭قٰٰྀ̲ـِٰ̲ﮧْ⁞⁽₎“ٰۦ Telegram | DID YOU KNOW?

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Telegram Be The Next Best SPAC

I have no inside knowledge of a potential stock listing of the popular anti-Whatsapp messaging app, Telegram. But I know this much, judging by most people I talk to, especially crypto investors, if Telegram ever went public, people would gobble it up. I know I would. I’m waiting for it. So is Sergei Sergienko, who claims he owns $800,000 of Telegram’s pre-initial coin offering (ICO) tokens. “If Telegram does a SPAC IPO, there would be demand for this issue. It would probably outstrip the interest we saw during the ICO. Why? Because as of right now Telegram looks like a liberal application that can accept anyone - right after WhatsApp and others have turn on the censorship,” he says.

That strategy is the acquisition of a value-priced company by a growth company. Using the growth company's higher-priced stock for the acquisition can produce outsized revenue and earnings growth. Even better is the use of cash, particularly in a growth period when financial aggressiveness is accepted and even positively viewed.he key public rationale behind this strategy is synergy - the 1+1=3 view. In many cases, synergy does occur and is valuable. However, in other cases, particularly as the strategy gains popularity, it doesn't. Joining two different organizations, workforces and cultures is a challenge. Simply putting two separate organizations together necessarily creates disruptions and conflicts that can undermine both operations.

ڪـــِّب̲ꪰـريـِٰཻ̲ائي ذٖو̲୭قٰٰྀ̲ـِٰ̲ﮧْ⁞⁽₎“ٰۦ from SA

South Africa SA telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram ڪـــِّب̲ꪰـريـِٰཻ̲ائي ذٖو̲୭قٰٰྀ̲ـِٰ̲ﮧْ⁞✦⁽☻🔥₎“ٰۦ

Created: 2020-01-14

From: South Africa and Россия

Telegram ڪـــِّب̲ꪰـريـِٰཻ̲ائي ذٖو̲୭قٰٰྀ̲ـِٰ̲ﮧْ⁞✦⁽☻🔥₎“ٰۦ, 51437 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel South Africa, SA

Telegram ڪـــِّب̲ꪰـريـِٰཻ̲ائي ذٖو̲୭قٰٰྀ̲ـِٰ̲ﮧْ⁞✦⁽☻🔥₎“ٰۦ, 51437 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, Россия, RU

TG ڪـــِّب̲ꪰـريـِٰཻ̲ائي ذٖو̲୭قٰٰྀ̲ـِٰ̲ﮧْ⁞✦⁽☻🔥₎“ٰۦ

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