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آی دی پشتیبانی :@hk_supp

پاسخ گویی به درخواست ها ممکن است در برخی بازه های زمانی تا 2 ساعت نیز طول بکشد، لذا در زمان ارسال درخواست شکیبا باشید، تمام تلاش ما بر این است که فورا پاسخگو باشیم.


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Unlimited members in Telegram group now

Telegram has made it easier for its users to communicate, as it has introduced a feature that allows more than 200,000 users in a group chat. However, if the users in a group chat move past 200,000, it changes into "Broadcast Group", but the feature comes with a restriction. Groups with close to 200k members can be converted to a Broadcast Group that allows unlimited members. Only admins can post in Broadcast Groups, but everyone can read along and participate in group Voice Chats," Telegram added.

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You guessed it – the internet is your friend. A good place to start looking for Telegram channels is Reddit. This is one of the biggest sites on the internet, with millions of communities, including those from Telegram.Then, you can search one of the many dedicated websites for Telegram channel searching. One of them is This website has many categories and a really simple user interface. Another great site is telegram It has even more channels than the previous one, and an even better user experience.These are just some of the many available websites. You can look them up online if you’re not satisfied with these two. All of these sites list only public channels. If you want to join a private channel, you’ll have to ask one of its members to invite you.

هاستینگ from SG

USA US telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram هاستینگ

Created: 2020-09-13

From: USA and Singapore

Telegram هاستینگ, 298122 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel USA, US

Telegram هاستینگ, 298122 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, Singapore, SG

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