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⌯ ࢦـ ؏ــࢦـش ،𖤍♱• لنشر قصص وغزل وكل شي يروق في الحياة💔
• ﻟ رمـزيـات ، ﺄغغـآنـيٰ، وڪلشيٰ قمٰيل،🌀💛
• انشر مايحلو ليـّۓ ومايعجبني نشره ♥️
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The seemingly negative pandemic effects and resource/product shortages are encouraging and allowing organizations to innovate and change.The news of cash-rich organizations getting ready for the post-Covid growth economy is a sign of more than capital spending plans. Cash provides a cushion for risk-taking and a tool for growth.

However, analysts are positive on the stock now. “We have seen a huge downside movement in the stock due to the central electricity regulatory commission’s (CERC) order that seems to be negative from 2014-15 onwards but we cannot take a linear negative view on the stock and further downside movement on the stock is unlikely. Currently stock is underpriced. Investors can bet on it for a longer horizon," said Vivek Gupta, director research at CapitalVia Global Research.

⌯ ࢦـ ؏ــࢦـش ،𖤍 from SG

USA US telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram ⌯ ࢦـ ؏ــࢦـش ،𖤍♱

Created: 2020-09-18

From: USA and Singapore

Telegram ⌯ ࢦـ ؏ــࢦـش ،𖤍♱, 316002 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel USA, US

Telegram ⌯ ࢦـ ؏ــࢦـش ،𖤍♱, 316002 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, Singapore, SG

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