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U3-Web 動畫片源組
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U3-Web 動畫片源組

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A project of our size needs at least a few hundred million dollars per year to keep going,” Mr. Durov wrote in his public channel on Telegram late last year. “While doing that, we will remain independent and stay true to our values, redefining how a tech company should operate.

A Telegram spokesman declined to comment on the bond issue or the amount of the debt the company has due. The spokesman said Telegram’s equipment and bandwidth costs are growing because it has consistently posted more than 40% year-to-year growth in users.

U3-Web 動畫片源組 from TW

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Telegram U3-Web 動畫片源組

Created: 2019-12-05

From: 電報群組 and USA

Telegram U3-Web 動畫片源組, 25010 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel 電報群組, TW

Telegram U3-Web 動畫片源組, 25010 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, USA, US

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