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اٍّبّْتُّ๛مّـُ ₎✿ ⁞“❥ ℡ツ💜

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اٍّبّْتُّ๛مّـُ ₎✿ ⁞“❥ ℡ツ💜
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اٍّبّْتُّ๛مّـُ ₎✿ ⁞“❥ ℡ツ💜هنا قد تجد رسالة تصف ما تشعر به بدقة ، وتجد أخرى تلمس أبعد قطعة من روحك ، قد تجد رسالة تحزنك ، و أخرى تفرحك ، هنا تناقض الشعور #ابتسم

تواصل. @Elias_abboud

اٍّبّْتُّ๛مّـُ ₎✿ ⁞“❥ ℡ツ💜

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اٍّبّْتُّ๛مّـُ ₎ ⁞“ ℡ツ Telegram | DID YOU KNOW?

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The seemingly negative pandemic effects and resource/product shortages are encouraging and allowing organizations to innovate and change.The news of cash-rich organizations getting ready for the post-Covid growth economy is a sign of more than capital spending plans. Cash provides a cushion for risk-taking and a tool for growth.

Telegram is riding high, adding tens of million of users this year. Now the bill is coming due.Telegram is one of the few significant social-media challengers to Facebook Inc., FB -1.90% on a trajectory toward one billion users active each month by the end of 2022, up from roughly 550 million today.

اٍّبّْتُّ๛مّـُ ₎ ⁞“ ℡ツ from US

Россия RU telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram اٍّبّْتُّ๛مّـُ ₎✿ ⁞“❥ ℡ツ💜

Created: 2020-10-19

From: Россия and Singapore

Telegram اٍّبّْتُّ๛مّـُ ₎✿ ⁞“❥ ℡ツ💜, 358469 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel Россия, RU

Telegram اٍّبّْتُّ๛مّـُ ₎✿ ⁞“❥ ℡ツ💜, 358469 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, Singapore, SG

TG اٍّبّْتُّ๛مّـُ ₎✿ ⁞“❥ ℡ツ💜

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