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مـ❈ـّ̐ہٰٰصـهـ๋͜ہٌۤ ₎⇣✿ ⁞😻🐼“

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مـ❈ـّ̐ہٰٰصـهـ๋͜ہٌۤ ₎⇣✿ ⁞😻🐼“
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مـ❈ـّ̐ہٰٰصـهـ๋͜ہٌۤ ₎⇣✿ ⁞😻🐼“      •قَنآة مہـصـهـ๋͜ہٌۤ ۦ❥ ⁞ 👩‍🌿﴾

• تٌـرفُـةّةّ وحقها تدلـ؏َ ؛💛🙊
• ﭑم خدوٰد ورديهۃ ؛🌸ֆء

*بوت تواصل للمحضورين

•لـِ شاب ذو. 18 شتآء🌸' 💕'

تغادر انت للخسراان• 🌸🎻

#ئالشيہٰخخ علوش

مـ❈ـّ̐ہٰٰصـهـ๋͜ہٌۤ ₎⇣✿ ⁞😻🐼“

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مــّ̐ہٰٰصـهـ๋͜ہٌۤ ₎⇣ ⁞“ Telegram | DID YOU KNOW?

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The messaging service and social-media platform owes creditors roughly $700 million by the end of April, according to people briefed on the company’s plans and loan documents viewed by The Wall Street Journal. At the same time, Telegram Group Inc. must cover rising equipment and bandwidth expenses because of its rapid growth, despite going years without attempting to generate revenue.

Can I mute a Telegram group?

In recent times, Telegram has gained a lot of popularity because of the controversy over WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. In January 2021, Telegram was the most downloaded app worldwide and crossed 500 million monthly active users. And with so many active users on the app, people might get messages in bulk from a group or a channel that can be a little irritating. So to get rid of the same, you can mute groups, chats, and channels on Telegram just like WhatsApp. You can mute notifications for one hour, eight hours, or two days, or you can disable notifications forever.

مــّ̐ہٰٰصـهـ๋͜ہٌۤ ₎⇣ ⁞“ from US

USA US telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram مـ❈ـّ̐ہٰٰصـهـ๋͜ہٌۤ ₎⇣✿ ⁞😻🐼“

Created: 2021-06-25

From: USA and USA

Telegram مـ❈ـّ̐ہٰٰصـهـ๋͜ہٌۤ ₎⇣✿ ⁞😻🐼“, 650936 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel USA, US

Telegram مـ❈ـّ̐ہٰٰصـهـ๋͜ہٌۤ ₎⇣✿ ⁞😻🐼“, 650936 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, USA,

TG مـ❈ـّ̐ہٰٰصـهـ๋͜ہٌۤ ₎⇣✿ ⁞😻🐼“

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