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Voice Chat ONLY

For many the risk of text chats, a lack of security and the actions of others prevents them from connecting with others like themselves. A VC only approach helps combat this issue.

Please follow the pinned rules and respect others, thank you.
Exposing Cultural Marxism pinned «Lord Vinnie Sullivan Independent Journalist, Nationalist Activist & Documentarian #thinkforyourself London, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #TRR Loving your own, isn't the same as hating others.»
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I would like to personally wish good fortune and support to each individual who was physically shunned by Tommy Robinson's Liberal-Zion agenda in Telford.

I hope you've learnt something from this as opposed to letting it negatively effect you and would be open to a chat with any of you.

You handled yourself well and deserved a warm welcome not a cold dismissal.

The future holds only victory for our moral cause, bumps like this won't stop the wave that's coming..

Please carry on as you are and remember to think for yourself.
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We all have our dream home, but if you really had the choice would you pick an old house or would you build a new one?
Anonymous Poll
Modern Home
Old/Historic Home
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The Buffalo shooter who’s claimed to be a white supremacist in fact had a Jewish name and had the radically left letters BLM written on the weapon he used. These facts as well as the deliberate targeting of white victims completely smashes the mainstream narrative of “white supremacy”.
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As we continue to film the series on Global Homogonisation (Exploring Modernism) the true scale of our changing world strikes us ever more.

The research, the fieldwork and the concluded summaries leave one not with a sense of learned accomplishment, but hollow uncertainty.

Certain in the deliberate actions of perfectly identifiable guilty parties, but uncertain as to how one could ever stop it.

I hope more people will see what we're talking about and conscript an offstanding attitude to a world striving to rid all memory of private property and the concept of home.
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Build To Rent Schemes: The Death Of Private Property

(Clip from Exploring Modernism/Global Homogenisation series) #KingsCross

The schemes changing our living conditions, culture and the very concept of ownership, explained.

The public barely notice the huge plans in place, ridding the future of independent family homes and self governed family units.

Only by understanding the deliberate actions of internationalists can one summarise the importance of tribal protectionism.

We Are Who We Are
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The Importance Of VC only Chats

Vinnie Sullivan
The Verbal Exchange (VC Only)
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This is a short Documentary on Stalin's time in London.
Some of his actions in England/London aren't mentioned in most documentaries so hopefully this will help you find some useful information. Arm your mind with the facts other leave out...
2022/07/05 07:10:43
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