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Doing what's right
Without a reward
And we don't have to fight
When it's not worth fighting for
You said your heart was jaded
You couldn't even break it
I shouldn't have to say it
You could've been the greatest
I wish you the best for the rest of your life
Felt sorry for you when I looked in your eyes
But I need to confess, i told you a lie
I said you were the love of my life
Did i break your heart?
Did i waste your time? I tried to be there for you
Then you tried to break mine
You were born bluer than a butterfly
Beautiful and so deprived of oxygen
Colder than your father's eyes
He never learned to sympathize with anyone

I don't blame you
But I can't change you
Don't hate you
But we can't save you
From billie's new album
بعت وحدة من لوحاتي وهذا بيتها الجديد😞🤍
2024/06/14 15:24:45
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