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﮼لـِ أميري 🤍.𝟬𝟰:𝟬𝟮 𝗽𝗺 .
𝟭𝟵.𝟭𝟭.𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟵 .
ربما في مكان ما ، في يوم ما ، في زمن أقل بؤساً ،
قد يرى أحدنا الآخر @ayloul 🤍🏹.

‹ ᴀᴅꜱ : @ppnnp
‹ ᴏᴡɴᴇʀ : @d33bot

﮼لـِ أميري 🤍.

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Telegram is riding high, adding tens of million of users this year. Now the bill is coming due.Telegram is one of the few significant social-media challengers to Facebook Inc., FB -1.90% on a trajectory toward one billion users active each month by the end of 2022, up from roughly 550 million today.

A Telegram spokesman declined to comment on the bond issue or the amount of the debt the company has due. The spokesman said Telegram’s equipment and bandwidth costs are growing because it has consistently posted more than 40% year-to-year growth in users.

﮼لـِ أميري 🤍 from YE

USA US telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram ﮼لـِ أميري 🤍.

Created: 2021-01-14

From: USA and اليمن

Telegram ﮼لـِ أميري 🤍., 432987 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel USA, US

Telegram ﮼لـِ أميري 🤍., 432987 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, اليمن, YE

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