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24سِـأّعٌهّـ ⭐ ريِّأّضًـهّـ ⚽
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24سِـأّعٌهّـ ⭐ ريِّأّضًـهّـ ⚽🏆🔱 24سِـأّعٌهّـ ⭐ ريِّأّضًـهّـ ⚽ 🔱🏆

تأريخ إنشاء قناه 2016/10/23

أهم الأخبار العربية والعالمية 🎥
تصاميم وصور رياضيّة 📸
نقل احداث المباريات أول بأول 🎞

■ اشترك معنا ولن تندم 😉

#تغادر؟؟ انت الخسران 👆 فكر جيدا قبل ان تغادر

24سِـأّعٌهّـ ⭐ ريِّأّضًـهّـ ⚽

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24سِـأّعٌهّـ ⭐ ريِّأّضًـهّـ Telegram | DID YOU KNOW?

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Telegram Auto-Delete Messages in Any Chat

Some messages aren’t supposed to last forever. There are some Telegram groups and conversations where it’s best if messages are automatically deleted in a day or a week. Here’s how to auto-delete messages in any Telegram chat. You can enable the auto-delete feature on a per-chat basis. It works for both one-on-one conversations and group chats. Previously, you needed to use the Secret Chat feature to automatically delete messages after a set time. At the time of writing, you can choose to automatically delete messages after a day or a week. Telegram starts the timer once they are sent, not after they are read. This won’t affect the messages that were sent before enabling the feature.

A Telegram spokesman declined to comment on the bond issue or the amount of the debt the company has due. The spokesman said Telegram’s equipment and bandwidth costs are growing because it has consistently posted more than 40% year-to-year growth in users.

24سِـأّعٌهّـ ⭐ ريِّأّضًـهّـ from YE

اليمن YE telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram 24سِـأّعٌهّـ ⭐ ريِّأّضًـهّـ ⚽

Created: 2020-02-18

From: اليمن and 한국 그룹

Telegram 24سِـأّعٌهّـ ⭐ ريِّأّضًـهّـ ⚽, 63028 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel اليمن, YE

Telegram 24سِـأّعٌهّـ ⭐ ريِّأّضًـهّـ ⚽, 63028 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, 한국 그룹, KR

TG 24سِـأّعٌهّـ⭐ريِّأّضًـهّـ⚽️،

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