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Enough about the book, now time to take action. 🏃‍♂🏃‍♀

If you don't have it, download it right now from our channel and start doing exercises in this book. Work with book at least a month (!) on your reading skills and you will see the effects. 👍

P.S. Just for motivation: I personally know two students who got 8,5 and 9 for reading in their IELTS exam 🤩 and both had completely finished the book before their exams.

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As an IELTS teacher👩‍🏫, I am often bombarded with questions like: "How can I get 7+? What are the best strategies to crack 9 in Reading and Listening?" 🤔

My answer is pretty simple: "Improve your general English. Don't stress out doing practice tests, instead, focus attention on raising your vocab and grammar level." 🤓

Upon hearing this, they give me a disappointed look like this 😒. But this is true. There us NO WAY FORWARD without strong command of the English language!

🏢 @ielts_centre
There are many books 📚on grammar and vocab, but they all lack certain features. Some grammar books are a bit boring, some of them have many long exercises, and some vocab books lack context.

Yet, I found one book 📕which contains most commonly used vocabulary in English, plus grammar rules without long tedious exercises! 👍 This was WOW for me!

I enjoy teaching this book as I find lots of interesting new things in it! I highly recommend all of you to learn the following book! 👇

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Ready for IELTS.pdf
24.8 MB
Ready for IELTS 📌

Another useful source for exam preparation 📚

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Ready for IELTS
147.1 MB
Ready for IELTS CD 💿📀📀

🏢 @ielts_centre
🤩 MISS FOODCOOK замонавий масканида манфаатли пазандаликни у́рганиб сиз ҳам кулинария санъати афзаликларига мушарраф бу́линг, мисол учун:

💸 Аёллар атрофдаги буюртмалардан кўчага чиқмай ҳам даромад топадилар;

🍱 Янги келинлар пиширган таомлари билан турмуш ўртоқлари хонадонини мамнун этадилар;

🍝 Қизлар кутилмаганда келган меҳмонларга ҳам имкониятдан шоҳона дастурхон ёзадилар;

🥪 Болалар эса кўча таомларидан кўра фойдали бўлган уй овқатларини иштаҳа билан ейдилар;

🍲 Эркаклар турли ресторанларга эмас, балки уйдаги мазали таомларга ошиқадилар;

🤗 Шунинг учун, махоратли устоздан самимий мухитда батафсил у́рганишга мархамат:

• Таомлар;
• Десертлар;
• Пишириқлар;
• Ширинликлар;
• Турли салатлар;
• Смузи мохитолар

Ўқишни битирсангиз сертификат билан тақдирланасиз! Шошилинг, жойлар сони чекланган!

Рўйхатдан ўтиш учун:@missfoodcook
Мурожаатлар учун: +998901234050

Манзил:Тошкент, Ганга, метро: Ғ. Ғулом.

Ижтимоий тармоқдаги сахифалари:👇

Инстаграм | Телеграм
Several people have asked me about changes to the #IELTS listening test.

I have attached an image from the official IELTS page explaining these changes, which are minor and should not affect candidates.

The changes will take effect early in January 2020. As you can see, the only changes are:

1) removing the example before the very first question in section 1;

2) a change in terms: the 4 sections will now be called 'parts.'

There are no other changes - the format and questions will remain the same.

On my website someone commented that they use the example time to highlight key terms in multiple choice questions in other sections (e.g. in parts 3 and 4).

This is not what it is intended for and perhaps shows why it is a good idea to remove it. You should always have your eyes on the question page related to the section (or part) you will be /are listening to. The marks you score for part 1 are just as important as those for parts 3 and 4 - don't assume these will take little effort on your part. Use the questions to help you stay focused and on track.

By Pauline Cullen 👩‍💻

🏢 @ielts_centre
2022/10/03 15:06:08
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