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#TetapTersenyumKadang sepi tu dah terbiasa dirasai , kerana Dia tahu apa yang terbaik .

Kadang sakit tu dah terbiasa dialami , sampai luka tu dibiarkan sendiri .

Aku redha dengan semua ni , pergi lah kau dari hidup ni , aku terima .


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TetapTersenyum Telegram | DID YOU KNOW?

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Unlimited members in Telegram group now

Telegram has made it easier for its users to communicate, as it has introduced a feature that allows more than 200,000 users in a group chat. However, if the users in a group chat move past 200,000, it changes into "Broadcast Group", but the feature comes with a restriction. Groups with close to 200k members can be converted to a Broadcast Group that allows unlimited members. Only admins can post in Broadcast Groups, but everyone can read along and participate in group Voice Chats," Telegram added.

What is Secret Chats of Telegram

Secret Chats are one of the service’s additional security features; it allows messages to be sent with client-to-client encryption. This setup means that, unlike regular messages, these secret messages can only be accessed from the device’s that initiated and accepted the chat. Additionally, Telegram notes that secret chats leave no trace on the company’s services and offer a self-destruct timer.

TetapTersenyum from US

Deutschland DE telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram #TetapTersenyum

Created: 2020-04-11

From: USA and United Kingdom

Telegram #TetapTersenyum, 128033 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel USA, DE

Telegram #TetapTersenyum, 128033 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, United Kingdom, GB

TG #TetapTersenyum

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